Asbestos Testing & Abatement


Asbestos Testing & Abatement

Asbestos Testing & Abatement is performed by our Certified Asbestos Remediation Technicians and all air quality is monitored by our Industrial Hygienist to control fiber release while abatement procedures are being conducted.

Although today asbestos is no longer used, it was used extensively prior to 1990 in many building materials such as building exteriors, flooring, ceilings, walls, pipe insulation, as well as in many other products. It was the preferred choice due to it’s strength, insulating and fire-resistant properties, and mineral composition which could easily be added to the cement.

Now that its health risks have been identified and linked to mesothelioma and asbestosis, only highly trained professionals should attempt to deal with this hazardous material.

If you suspect that asbestos is present in your building or used as a coating on a pipe or other materials, please halt all work and call the professionals.

Alberta OH&S Code Part 4 – Chemical Hazards, Biological Hazards, and Harmful Substances

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