COR Auditing


COR Auditing

COR Auditing are performed by our Certified COR Auditors onsite at your facility every three years and require that you have the sufficient documentation to prove program maintenance, as well as passing grades in the internal COR audits in the previous two years. The criteria for renewing a COR are the same as for issuing a COR. You must get an audit score of at least 80% overall, and a minimum score of 50% in all the audit elements.


ONLINE HSE AUDITING SOFTWARE is available to help you manage your safety program and ensure you are maintaining standards as you prepare for the external audit. Using our proprietary software, all of your records will be stores in one place and our intuitive system will remind you of upcoming action items that need attention. It will also create instant reports and even help you with toolbox talks. Finally, there is a safety management tool designed for simplicity.

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