Moulded Ear Plugs


Moulded Ear Plugs

Custom Ear plugs are fit onsite by our Hearing Instrument Specialist or Nurses. Thorough otoscopy is performed prior to any impression taking to rule out pathologies or infection that may make the impression taking process complicated. While taking the impressions, extreme care is practiced with sterile procedures to prevent the risk of infections.

There are many styles of ear plugs that we offer and colors as well. The standard silicon colors can be seen above in the picture with a set of clear plugs. Color swirls and 2 separate colors can also be requested to customize the choices more. A red plug on the right and a blue on the left is an example to make find the correct side easier.

The most common types of products that we offer are adjustable Class B Filtered and CommEar Custom plugs that can hook to radio for industrial use. For general clients, swimmer, sleepers, Bluetooth headsets are the preferred choice. For hunters and motorcycle enthusiasts we also have plugs with built-in speakers and communication options.

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